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Data from 2001-2013

“BSIP has helped me to become more aware of college opportunities and has helped me to be successful during high school so I can get there.”

~Diamond Turner. High School Class of 2013

  • 100% of students participating in BSIP from 2001-2013 have graduated on time
  • Nearly 90% of BSIP students apply, are accepted and enroll in colleges and universities.
  • BSIP has facilitated the receipt of over $2 million in scholarship support
  • Over 135 BSIP students engaged with international studies/trips
  • Close to 300 BSIP students participated in summer college residency programs
  • BSIP students have participated in college tours visiting over 35 campuses through the United States
  • BSIP students are more likely to have increased involvement in other community service and academic programming opportunities