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BSIP provides support and assistance for middle and high school students – and their families – in developing patterns of success in academic achievement, personal responsibility and growth, community involvement that includes social and cultural enrichment experiences, and preparation for post-secondary education or training. BSIP requirements work to ensure that students are meeting certain academic, behavioral, and social expectations; guidance is provided from BSIP staff to students so that all participants can maintain said expectations and become model students and citizens.

BSIP consistently works on integrating and expanding its services to the entire student population; not only do we work at providing services to high-achieving, high-performing students, but we strive to motivate all students to attend our work-shops, pre-college activities, and community-service events; we also work with Beecher Schools to identify and help students that are in need of extra academic and social support. Graduating students that participate in BSIP and consistently meet BSIP requirements are eligible for various incentives and scholarship supports!