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BSIP Programs

BUC University~Sessions covering issues related to fostering the skills most associated with post-secondary achievement. These workshops are presented from grades 2-12 germinating early exposure to college talk and the habits of college success. 

The Empress Initiative~Monthly meetings and special events designed especially to tackle the issues facing young women 9-12th grade.

Dare to be King~Monthly meetings and special events geared towards young men grades 9-12, designed especially to address the  academic achievement of this demographic.

Crew~ Cohorts of students with similar collegiate and career aspirations meet to provide each other support, receive insight on what is needed to reach their career goals and learn from professionals in their desired fields of interest.

Parent University~Parents are in need of the same information regarding readiness, funding and necessary skills to navigate the college student “parent” experience. These seminars give parents the knowledge and tools they need to help their children become college ready.

Meaningful Mondays~Thoughtful community wide discussions, panels and films hosted monthly addressing issues with social and academic implications

BSIP places emphasis on academics and strives to provide meaningful, character-building experiences for our students. Our monthly and weekly workshops Include focus on :

  • Literacy/Writing Skills
  • Visioning and Goal Setting
  • Portfolio Building                         
  • Leadership Building
  • Intercultural Engagement       
  • Productive Study Habits                 
  • College Visits                                  
  • How to College Applications
  • Scholarship Searches                
  • Personal Statements
  • Applying for Financial Aid
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Anger Management                  
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Skills                
  • Self-Esteem